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Ladies In My Life

Ladies In My Life

I woke early this morning & could not sleep the words "Lady In My Life" pop into my head the Holy Spirit said Kevin concentrate who is The Lady in your Life. I was moved to tears & could not stop. First was Mary mother if Jesus who brought us our savior. Then my mother & sisters Mary, Karen, Kimba who have been the strength of me my life. Then there is Prophetess Pastor Wanda who guides & inspires me to the kingdom. As the lyrics say " I love you don't you go nowhere. You always be the lady in my life" In passing I miss Selena Green. In my life there have been many ladies to mean a lot to bring so much & help me grow. Ladies from relatives, friends & lovers. Everyone God places in my life for a reason. So many I have adored & indeed honored. There are many names in my heart I do have admiration & love for you. A lady was created by God to give life & be the foundation; to give strength. There is a reason a lady produces milk because milk makes the bones strong & the lady is there to make us strong & help us grow & 90% of the meals @ homes are produce by the lady. The most beautiful thing & greatest thing God created was woman; after man He saw something wrong so He made woman. Thank you God for the Ladies in my Life!!

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