Honey Buns

I was getting a box of honey buns out of the car that my mother got from Sam’s Club & you know it was a lot. Yet, that one box took my mind of a trip of nostalgic past. To a time when my grandmother had a brain aneurysm that put her in the hospital for a while. I remember being up there every day because my family was worried and scared after they cut open my grandmother skull as if she was going to come through. I was in the waiting room every day while my mother went to be by my grandmother’s bedside. My mother would ask me what do I want from the vending machine; I would say honey buns for two reasons… no.1 they were sweet as heck and taste so good & no.2 being the sentimental reasons and dearest to my heart they remind me of my grandmother. She used to give them to me when I was younger on occasion as a sweet gift. One day my mother heated a honey bun up for 10 seconds. Every day I was having warm sweet sad thoughts of my grandmother while my mother was praying by her side. I told my OLDER sister what those honey buns meant to me. About Grandma coming through and making it back home out of that hospital. Karen smiled, tears started to fill her eyes she said “Yes she was a fighter, I remember her weak in the arms & legs & doing all that work @ home don’t know if she went to rehab but she work hard with us & that bible to gain strength then so was strong again.” My sister looked @ me with tears in her eyes then started to laugh. I asked why she laugh she then called me “Honey Buns” & said don’t you remember & reminded me of a time when I was 14 in middle school & the girls @ school would squeeze my bottom & call me “Honey Buns & Sweet Bottom” & I would just run away. She said remember she told grandma about it & I said grandma I can’t say nothing to them I know not what to do. That is when my grandmother looked @ me confused & push me in the chest & said “ No child or grandchild of Selena Green wont say what they will not do because we are fighters we come through we carry on. Nothing every hold us down. You saw me unable to walk & now you cannot keep up with me, so you have my blood in you something like that will not stop you.” She then told me to turn around & say thank you next time it happen & see how happy ‘Honey Buns’ get. I tell you this my grandmother was smart and strong. She came out of that hospital room to inspire us, make us laugh, & share a lot of love. She was the pillar to a foundation of strength, love, family & faith to the almighty above. Warm & Sweet!

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