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Leader In Pink

Leader In Pink The great leader arrive in her chariot; all was drawn to see the queen and her prince. Everyone was dazzled by her pink floured outfit. There she stood with the pink purse and toenails shine with its pink polish. Her hair in braids sat on her head like a crown to display the queen she was. The color pink is so delicate and very fine in texture. The only thing being fragile of her is her heart, she was strong in character and content. Stood firm on her beliefs and faith in the Almighty above; every step she took was in faith. Finely constructed body with exquisite care for others. My sister a solitaire pink lily standing out among many. Her sweet aroma surrounding you drawing all closer to her. Then there is a light that shines upon her she looks all in the eyes to make sure she has everyone’s attention; she then proclaims in booming voice…. You all see me arrive in my fine chariot, wear these fine clothes, see my house in the hills with the waterfall & wonder how. It is through hard work and strong faith. I work for the things a have and have strong faith in the Almighty above and the Savior who died on the cross for our sins. And besides walking everyday in faith on Sunday’s the day of Sabbath I pay my tithes. God rewards His trues follows that is why I have what I have. She said yes I am the Pink Lily you see the lilies that do not work & people like Trump who are alive and well & their tops seemed not to wither. Yes those of little faith are clothe and seem to have great reward today. The time for evil will come to face the lord and the they will burn in the furnace of hell and then withered away into ash. Those who follow the words of the Lord in true faith will have everlasting life in the promise kingdom. My sister the Pink Lily standing there looking pretty in pink then said come to the Lord. Then those inspired in awe stood walked to her gave her a hug. My sister being the leader my mother directed her to be and the words of the Lord raise her to be brought more to the Kingdom again. Bless you Pink Lily! Bless you Karen Bates Barnes!

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