The greatest legacy a father can leave for his children before he departs is PEACE, otherwise his properties will go in PIECES sooner that he dies

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My world is a world filled with books and words. It starts with the Good Book to give understanding and direction So as soon as I get up I send praise up then look up His message for me. I read many books and poems because words  inspire  me. Then I share to make you smile. This is big part of the world of Kevin Bates Poet Author & Speaker


We should always be honored with joy

when God puts his servant through trials.

It's only for us to grow & make complete.

God knew of the great tragedy to my son

before it accorded because He sees all.

He knows it's a trial for father & son.

I had true faith just did not know when.

Doctors did work to make his skin complete

I had patience; prayed for healing in God's time.

Having faith & patience I became blessed

seeing my son wake with the crown of life.

Knowing family, love of God has pulled through.

Faith, patience & hard work will make us complete


©copyright Blacpanther

a.k.a. Kevin Bates


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