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Kevin Bates Poet

"We Go Together Like Mother And Son Peanut butter and jelly,
moon and star, these iconic pairings can’t compare to what we are. We go together like mother and son a match made in heaven. We’re stuck together
whether you’re seven or eleven! When two things fit
like the Earth and the sun, hey can only be mother and son





My world is a world filled with books and words. It starts with the Good Book to give understanding and direction So as soon as I get up I send praise up then look up His message for me. I read many books and poems because words  inspire  me. Then I share to make you smile. This is big part of the world of Kevin Bates Poet Author & Speaker

Mary Satisfies


Been outside looking Mary took you in.

Living in her home as if it was yours.

Ultimate fest: all she asked was no sin.

She would clothe your back with a smile.

Her home: is your home Mary was to satisfy


We were always full of food, water, and love.

In style with a smile, you sure to step.

None greater the Lord said satisfy My children.

Everyone loves what you did; you’ll a white dove.


Home now at peace in the promise kingdom.

You can recruit for God now till you are eighty.

Sure to ask last time you sin & are you on your path.


Thanks Mary, we love you dearly!


Matthew 25:34-40

©Copyright September 26, 2021


a.k.a. Kevin Bates


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