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As a butterfly emerges & unfolds it's wings. A child grows & develops with the love a parent brings. I am thankful for the times when you encourage us to try. For God gave me wings yet mom you taught me to fly!”





My world is a world filled with books and words. It starts with the Good Book to give understanding and direction So as soon as I get up I send praise up then look up His message for me. I read many books and poems because words  inspire  me. Then I share to make you smile. This is big part of the world of Kevin Bates Poet Author & Speaker

Mary Satisfies


Been outside looking Mary took you in.

Living in her home as if it was yours.

Ultimate fest: all she asked was no sin.

She would clothe your back with a smile.

Her home: is your home Mary was to satisfy


We were always full of food, water, and love.

In style with a smile, you sure to step.

None greater the Lord said satisfy My children.

Everyone loves what you did; you’ll a white dove.


Home now at peace in the promise kingdom.

You can recruit for God now till you are eighty.

Sure to ask last time you sin & are you on your path.


Thanks Mary, we love you dearly!


Matthew 25:34-40

©Copyright September 26, 2021


a.k.a. Kevin Bates