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The Gifts of Life "Excellent book the poems in it are awesome. It seems like there is one in it for every situation you my be going through. I really love the section of the book with all the poems referencing God; something good to read..."

Karen Barnes,  Book Editor , 9/14/2014

" The writer here is dedicated to the reader with each poem. The gifts that he has been given becomes gifts for us all. He shares his love of God, family & life. "The Gifts of Life" is a enlighting and fun read for me & I'm sure many will enjoy."

Amanda Kemp, Reader , 9/19/2014

" 'The Gifts of Life' Hooray! Hooray! Kevin has always shared with me & now he shares with everyone. Anything and everything is covered here from the pet dog to the Almighty above. From tears to shouts of joy. A great collection of poems sure to touch all. Popcorn and a poem you are sure to enjoy"

Mary Bates, Mother, Teacher, & Reader , 9/20/2014

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