A B C's by Kevin Bates

If love just as simple as ABC. Sometime we are like a 3 year old trying to learn our ABC's stumbling over our speech looking lost and confuse. Just hoping someone can tell us how to get it right. This is a fun book of poems with the delight that that 3 year has when getting it right jumping for joy and looking for a hug.         "click book to purchase"



Each poem in this book is infused with my love of God, family and life.


These poems are spiritul, fun emotional and thought provoking. Thus making this book a great companion: for all those reaching out to God, family or a loved one.


If you have ever been deeply in love had your heart broken, been abused, lost a loved one or if you wander what lies beyond what is seen without the naked eye, or maybe if you're just wanting to have fun...

This book is for you.

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"Still Beautiful The Color of Beauty"  It is a book of poems and thoughts of coming up in the 70's and shouting the words "Im Black & I'm Proud, Black Is Beautiful" It's about loving who I am and knowing the fight of the people before me. Knowing that struggle never ends we must fight everyday. It does not have to be about violence yet also changing the violence of the evil haters. Through everything we come up against we can still say..."Peace Love & Happiness" 

This book ready for you & others.