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Growing up I hated the 49er's & I am still not a fan of them now. But as a kid they own the Cowboys & that made me sick. Yet one thing you had for a team with class & great talent was respect. When Colin Kaepernick did that sit down then spoke out about social injustice a lot of people loss their mind and said how could he too many good people died for this country. That went to show you how many people don't listen. He was protest the things that the people fight for and the evils going on. But people are so quick to hate & want to throw garbage so quick. They wanted to say sports is not the right place yet for a protest almost any place is the right place. The place it get the most attention is the right place. So all the attention he got I guess it was the right place. All the people who do not understand the wrongs of the police system he speak of are not paying attention to the beatings or killing that have gotten attention in the last 5 yrs.When we know there has been so many more. They are not the ones thrown against a cops car for carrying a bag of food; being told "shut up nigger I'll ask the questions"

So when they got Kaepernick to do that commercial with the song "The Man" I guess he was the man to start a move movement. I So I know it started with him sitting & now he & other are taking a knee people are saying it is too much enough is enough we get the point. Yet nothing is being done. I say this to you & others they want you to stand this comes to mind Bible verse Luke 21:19 "Stand firm & you will win" so hold on to your beliefs pray & strong faith God is with you.

Take A Knee

Took an action different from others

many were bewildered questioned him.

He spoke is for injustice against people

it’s not what the country to stands for.

Some spoke angrily called him evil names

did not matter he heard them all before.

The little he’s been through ancestors

of the past have seen much worse.

Lives are taken of Gods’ sweet children.

Yes! All lives do matter indeed

The righteous will never be shaken;

they will be remembered forever always.

So he takes a knee….

To pray for those fallen

for the country and social injustice.

Takes a knee…

In order to stand against….

racism, evil and social injustice

Psalm 11:26

©copyright September 20, 2016


a.k.a. Kevin Bates

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