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Mother's Courage

Mother’s Courage

As my brother, sister & I first saw courage it was in the beautiful face of the lady we called mother. She was a teenage black girl with 2 wild kids and me that made three. Black teenager with kids in the late 60’s early 70’s were told no way they could do it not to even try. A black lady trying had to be out of her mind. So my mother to ‘rage’ out of ‘courage’ & drove on. “Keep On Pushing” as Curtis Mayfield said. While late nights @ the college library with kids @ hand on college floor she studies telling them to keep the noise down. So as she graduates college the first 3 are right there with her a part of it. She is making sure her young kids are fed joining the ‘Free Breakfast Program’ by the Black Panthers standing firm with raise fist saying “I’m Black & I’m Proud.” Having courage to face difficulty & bravery to overcome. Because she believes in what her Lord died for to redeem so many. Housing not much of a problem even if it’s a project of the government. She decides to be the wise women as her mother is not foolish. It will be a home of the Lord the kids @ night say their prayers & praise & worship God & the Savior. Soon they are bless with favor in God’s time. Other teenage kids see her love & message & are inspired & soon becomes mother to so many. For she knows God has not given his followers in faith a spirit of fear yet one of power, love & self-discipline. So we love her much yet the one that instilled it more. Our God who gave his only begotten Son. So we get stronger as we walk in faith. Thank you Lord for Mary Bates!

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