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Father's Day Letter

I heard an apostle speak one time & he said when you go up against evil you must be strong. Because you can oppose the devil & all of his evil warriors and win. At that time I thought of King David & the time before he was king when he was a shepherd. I thought of this small frame going up against this mighty giant. David was viewed as a meek shepherd & many think of meek as being weak but I am about to change your definition of meek. Now a synonym for ‘meek’ is ‘soft’ and lets say a soft

person carries much love in heart. They are very much strong in love. David carried much love for those sheep he tended to; that is why whenever any bear or loin came around he struck them down with that sling. When David heard a giant insult his people & God he became angry & with much love in his heart & great faith in the God Almighty & simple sling in hand he struck down this giant. This a meek shepherd who would become a king. You see I think of shepherds as great protectors, leaders, & followers of Christ. Tell you about some shepherds they watch over their family while walking in faith any harm comes about and they strike it down. Colin Jackson, Byron Barons & Terrell Bates great shepherds of faith we have in this world. Apostle David Roberson watching over his family & his church family teaching and leading all the time. Striking down evil with the simple weapons at hand because he has the Almighty on his side. Love these men much & the shepherds of his church.

Jesus said “the meek will inherit the earth & enjoy peace & prosperity” For the one that good hearted full of love & strong in faith these humble men have much promise to them by the Lord Jesus Christ & we just as they do should follow the word.


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