Was starting to read a new book called "Toys" by James Patterson. So in the front they give a definition of the word toy. Toy: A material object for children or others to play with; a plaything; also something contrived for amusement rather than for practical use.

Well I thought about how it is use toward relationships how people are call ' joy toys or love toys' for someone's fun and meaning nothing to them. So I wanted to change that meaning and make a toy something of need and love. Then I thought about sex before marriage is called a sin. So you take the first letter from each stanza and it spells sin.


Shared much happy time together,

spent laughing, yelling and loving.

Such pleasurable times, my joy toy.

It’s more then happy time with you

I call out for do when we are apart,

incredible sadness out of your arms.

Not just a toy of pleasurable means,

No you hold a great practical value.

Never without love for my dear lady.

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